Below is our 2020 Smoke School Schedule.

​These schools and locations will be repeated in 6 month intervals in order to keep all attendees up to date with Method 9 Certification.

​All Schools have a start time of 8:00am unless noted otherwise.

​Schools are open to all companies unless noted as Private.

How to register to attend

Smoke School schedule


Click on the 'Contact' page and send us a message. Please include the following

     *Company Name

     *Billing address and phone number

     *Names of attendees

     *School date and location you plan to attend

By Phone

     Call (812) 617-0880



What to Expect

     Our smoke schools are 1/2 day in duration, beginning at                  8:00am and the first run concludes around 11:00am

     All schools offer both the field test and classroom certification.

     Coffee, cold drinks and lunch provided.

upcoming schedule



​​February 2020

26--Eden, WI


March 2020

3--Private (Summer Shade, KY)

4--Burnside, KY

5--Pikeville, KY

10--Private (Letart, WV)

11--Cheshire, OH

12--Cheshire, OH

​13--Greenup, KY

17--Private (East Chicago, IN)

18--Private (East Chicago, IN)

​19--Private (Delta, OH)

23--Private (Indianapolis, IN)

25--Private (Pittsboro, IN)

26--Jackson, MI

27--Private (Detroit, MI)


April 2020

2--Odon, IN

3--Owensboro, KY

10--Bloomington, IN

14--Frankfort, KY

15--Frankfort, KY

21--Private (Transfer, PA)

22--Canton, OH

23--Private (Monroe, MI)

24--Private (Monroe, MI)

29--Private (Whiting, IN)

30--Private (East Chicago, IN)


May 2020

5--Louisville, KY

6--Bardstown, KY

8--Indianapolis, IN

     ​Open to public

     Method 9 Training at

     Indianapolis Motor Speedway 

13--Odon, IN

21--Private (Greencastle, IN)


June 2020

3--Private (East Chicago, IN)

​11--Madison, IN


July 2020

9--Henderson, KY

10--Henderson, KY

13--Maysville, KY

15--Private (Waynesboro, GA)

17--Ghent, KY

August 2020

​6--Grand Rivers, KY

7--Private (Metropolis, IL)

11--Wheeling, WV 

12--Private (Proctor, WV)

​13--Private (Marion, OH)

20--Private (Centertown, KY)

21--Odon, IN